Sunday, April 15, 2007

shopping bags vs spring cleaning...

ok, I'm still knitting away in my spare time, BUT it is spring cleaning time as well! UGH!!!

When I was younger, I tackled such projects in a Very Big Way and took much pleasure in cleaning out the excess from my home.


Now, it is still something that needs done, but my enthusiasm has waned, to say the least! All that deters me now is the thought that if I don't do it, someone I love with have to and it won't be pretty!! UGH again!

And so I embarked on some closet and drawer cleaning this weekend. But only with my tried and true tricks in place. You see, I make a deal with myself. One, I only commit to working for ten minutes to start with and then, if I am too miserable, I can quit. Usually this will get me going for anywhere from one to three hours. Thank goodness!

Two, I play my current book on tape while I work to distract me. So far ~ so good! It works!! I start out with a small goal in mind and manage to do much more overall. Phew! It is good to know how to trick oneself to do these things!!

Meanwhile, I have lots more to do but am happy with what I was able to accomplish this past weekend. To reward myself, I took knitting breaks to work on Market Bags! I absolutely hate the buildup of all those plastic bags from the grocery, so I am going to make a stash of knitted bags to bring home the groceries. Here are two completed ones and the start of a third. It must be true that old hippies never die!! Peace, my friends! And happy recyling!!

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