Thursday, March 29, 2007

Family Dinner

Well, I've been on vacation from work this week and you'd think I'd get some extra stuff done, right? Nope! Been busy cooking and having guests and it has been a lot of fun. First up was a family dinner. On the menu were my grandmother's homemade noodles, which are drying on the counter here in the first photo. Just egg noodles, but mixed, cut and dried all by hand just like my family has been making them for over a hundred years that I know of. They came out perfect and everyone had seconds! For those of you NOT from the midwest, these are served atop mashed potatoes (yes, I said ATOP) and you simply go into a coma after eating this delicacy. Some of the shredded beef roast goes into the noodles but you can serve the rest on the side if you feel the need for protein balance...

The table all set and waiting.

My sister had such a good time that she stayed for five days! We had so much fun that I hate to go back to my normal working schedule. Why can't I stay home and knit and make family dinners for a living? But I must be able to afford myself, so I'll go back to work next week. Meanwhile, I've got a precious few days left to enjoy the arrival of spring and the new fun memories of a family gathered round the table. Life doesn't get better than that!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For Cecily & SP10

SP10 has begun! For those who don't know, that is Secret Pal 10 - an exchange with another knitter who would like to be spoiled with attention and gifts from a secret pal. How fun! I misunderstood at first, but now I know who my secret pal recipient is ~ and I do NOT know who my own secret pal is because he or she is the one spoiling me per the questions I answered for the project.

My current project is a pair of socks from the book Socks Socks Socks from Knitters Magazine. These were designed by Sheri Franz of Pittsburgh and I've had to frog them back to the ribbing once already, but that is fine~ I enjoy the process! The pattern is easy to remember so far and I am using Sockotta (Italian collection) yarn in superwash. It has a wonderful feel to it and a very retro look. I had to go down to size 0 needles and I do think I have someone in mind for these socks!

I've also been busy on my own version of dishcloths. I've developed a cotton cloth that is a good size and doesn't get weighed down when it is wet. I like it a lot ~ a whole lot!

And so I made a label for it for when I give it away as a gift:

Label back:

These cloths knit up quick, so you can make a set while watching a bit of TV or a movie on the weekend:

Use up leftovers by crocheting the edging on with a contrasting color:

and then wrap on that handmade label for a special touch:

Friday, March 09, 2007

fait accompli

bonjour mes ami. I have finally finished my first KAL (knitalong) and here it is! The group is Six Sox Knitalong (pattern posted every other month so that the group knits six pair of socks per year together) and the pattern for Feb/Mar 2007 is called "Springtime in Paris". That is because on one side of the sock, ridges in the pattern resemble the Eiffel Tower. Tre bien! However, that is actually the "wrong" side of the sock, so if you turn it out, the pattern is more like raindrops. That is the side I will probably wear, so we shall imagine that is the look of rain on the apartment window as one gazes toward de la Tour Eiffel.

I have been to this enchanting place and stood beneath the rising spires of the tower that looks out over the City of Light. I can still see it if I close my eyes and remember the excitement of being there. And so I am thrilled that my first sock KAL is reminiscent of one of my favorite places in the world...

and a closeup of the stitches, one inside and one outside...