Sunday, April 13, 2008

ACEO time of the week

I'm rather surprised I'm still going strong on the ACEOs, but I am. It feels great to come home and paint these little cards in the evening after work. I usually skip around more than this and it will soon be time to get outside and clean up the yard, but meanwhile, more cards. Here are this week's dogs.

For the link to this week's auctions, click here.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

catching up again

Well, in spite of the ACEOs that I still work on every single day (I'm totally addicted), I have made some moleskine journal entries lately. I just haven't stopped working on ACEOs long enough to get them posted! So here's some catching up of late.

Have you heard the word "copacetic"? It jumped out at me recently and I had to do a page about it.

Then, in early March, we had a most delicious snowstorm. The timing was grand - it started on a Friday, so all I had to do was get myself home from work that day. I did slide right past my street on the way home, but managed to get on home without mishap. The storm continued through Saturday and we accumulated 12" of snow on the ground. That's just plain gorgeous when you can stay inside and watch it come down. Then, on Sunday, my family arrived to help dig me out. I helped - and then fed them - and it was a grand time.

On the first day of Spring I had a nice outing with my daughter and grandkids...

Later that day I watched a fascinating documentary about ole Ben...

The full moon is always a wonder to me.

And today, of course, was an ideal spring day that I just had to write about.

And lots of ACEOs are in the works, of course. Flowers, dogs, birds...
Here are the current ebay auctions...