Tuesday, March 18, 2008

you got it - more ACEOs

Well, I'm still on the ACEO bandwagon. I'm totally addicted to making these little cards and they are selling well, so that's what I am doing in my free time. This week I had to post some flowers (it IS spring after all...)
for a link to a current auction, click here.

The dog series have been very popular and I am getting requests for certain breeds. I will do those as soon as I can find references for them. Meanwhile, here are the doggies for this week:
Click here for a direct link to a current auction.

And I really do try to come up with something unique when I can. Last week it was "towers and turrets". This week it is old-fashioned iron lanterns. These things add tons of architectural interest to any building.

click here for a link to a current auction.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and my auctions. I appreciate the wonderful messages you've all sent!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Still ACEO land here...

Well, I am falling into a pattern of producing the ACEOs. I work on them in the evenings after work and assemble the new ones that are ready over the weekend. On Monday evenings I do a five day listing of the new ones on ebay that will end on the following Saturday. I'm not selling GOBS of them, but am moving a half dozen or so per week which I think is decent in terms of what is selling. All I can say is that if people saw these in person, they would fight to buy them! They really are very NICE and very AFFORDABLE original art and worth much more than they sell for.

This week I have some more dogs - about half of my dogs sold last week. I am so anxious for the buyers to receive them and see how nice they really are.

Click here for one of the current doggie listings. From there you can click on "view seller's other items" to see everything listed this week.

Then, I have a series of Cottage Homes listed. I think they are rather unique and the sort of thing we all grow up dreaming about. Click here to get started. They really are dreamy....

I've done a couple of moleskine entries but nothing worth shouting about. Stay tuned for all the latest artwork...

Monday, March 03, 2008

and even more ACEOs

Well, when they say these little art trading cards are addictive, they aren't kidding! I've been doing nothing else for weeks in my spare time. They are selling pretty well, which is encouraging me. I truly love making art and if the hobby can spread some joy AND pay for itself, I'm thrilled. No real money to speak of, but supporting the habit is a good thing.

This week I am excited to list the first dog paintings. I adore dogs and am too allergic to have one. If you are a reader of my blog, you will know that I researched dogs over the past year and got a rescue poodle for a companion last September. After six weeks I was having life-threatening allergic reactions and had to give up my new, much-loved companion. I'm still angry that I can't have even the most loving, non-allergenic dog, but I enjoyed doing these paintings that might share my love of the critters with others.

For a link to one of the doggie ACEOs, click here.

Also listed this week is a series of Fern paintings. It is almost spring and the ferns will soon be unfurling in the shady corners of the yard. I can't wait.

Click here for one of the Fern Series. You can click on "view seller's other items to see the rest of my listings.

And finally, this week I listed a second Orchid series. Orchids are so amazingly versatile. Oh, how I wish I could grow them! There really isn't time for that right now, so I'll just have to look at pictures of them and do studies like these.

Go to one of the orchid listings here.
These things are simply spectacular!

I'd also like to thank some of my regular blog readers for coming over to ebay and actually buying my art cards! Thank you so very much for your support. I hope you enjoy the cards - I send them off to you with a small piece of my heart attached.