Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Snow" is "Beaux" and he is perfect!!

My new pooch is home and settled in! Gosh, I cannot say enough good about this dog!! First of all, I have changed his name from "Snow" to "Beaux" (french spelling of course, to honor his heritage) and he is as darn near perfect as can be!! Really, you cannot argue with how intelligent this breed is, and he has proved to be the smartest and most loving dog ever. What a treat!! Not to mention that he is a purebred, snow-white miniature poodle with excellent conformation and unparalleled carriage. He literally "prances" when he runs!

I picked him up last Friday evening and took my daughter and her husband and kids along. Snow was an absolute peach. Even though he had been "fixed" earlier that day, he let the kids pet him and sit beside him and walk him and even brush him! He was so patient. And he was so good that I stayed for dinner with my daughter's family. We ordered pizza and Beaux just sat at my feet under the table while we ate. (We had re-named him on the way home and that was the name that we ALL agreed on.) Immediately my daughter wanted to trade me for the rowdy puppy she is working with in her own household. No way!! Beaux is mine!!

And so we have had an extremely pleasant weekend. Beaux has shadowed me both in the house and out in the yard. He loves to ride in the car. He listens and learns fast and has not had an "accident" even though he is learning a new environment. He is affectionate and appreciative and such a great companion. All who have met him so far want to steal him away from me, but I know he wouldn't go!! I'm so pleased with his temperament and I'm so happy to have taken a "rescue" that needed a home. Sometimes I feel like I could be a "rescue" myself, so having Beaux to keep me company now is a wonderful thing. I truly appreciate the efforts of the rescue ladies who found Beaux and fostered him until I could take him in.

If you are thinking of a new best friend of the canine variety, won't you please look into a rescue?? Go to to find a needy animal in your area. Chances are there will be a pet that needs you even more than you need him/her. And if you get in contact with the rescues in your area, a pet that is the breed you need for your lifestyle will come along sooner or later. Please do support your local pet rescue operations.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

my new best friend

Meet Snow. He is a 4 year old purebred miniature poodle with a snow-white coat. He is also a rescue dog in the Dayton Ohio area. I met him this morning.

I actually had the appointment to meet a different dog, but the rescue ladies were smart enough to bring several dogs that I might be interested in after interviewing me. I am so glad they did!! Oscar, the dog I thought I wanted, had little interest in me and vice versa. But Snow came right up and introduced himself and sat on my lap and let me know he'd like to come home with me. Even when the other dogs were running and playing, he sat with me and didn't leave to join the action until I put him down. He chose me first, so how can I not choose him??

He isn't quite ready to be adopted. He needs neutered and he needs some dental care while he's under anesthetic, so I will go back and pick him up later this month. That gives me time to get ready for him and buy the things he'll need to feel at home. I'm so glad to have found him! He is such an elegant little guy. He "prances" when he runs and he buries his head into my elbow when I am petting him on my lap. He's so smart and affectionate and we will be good buddies, I'm sure.

But about the name, Snow. I can see how that name was given, and the rescue lady says he has been resistant to having his name changed. So I'm thinking of "Beau" since it sounds a lot like what he is used to. But I'm more partial to "Jaxon", and "Jax" for short if he will get used to it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. And I could change my mind again before I go and get him! What do you think???


It's the hottest new knitting community on the web. I waited until I posted a knitting blog to sign up, which was just a few minutes ago, and then checked my status. Here's what I got:

Found you!

* You signed up on Today
* You are #31791 on the list.
* 20007 people are ahead of you in line.
* 0 people are behind you in line.
* 36% of the list has been invited so far

This will be FUN!!!!

on the needles now

I've gotten lazy! After all that yardwork through early summer, I finally retreated inside when the heat started. and after about a dozen dishcloths, which I LOVE to make and give away, I started a pair of socks. Soon it will be time to start wearing them again and this is a lovely pair. The pattern is Snowflake Lace from MagKnits (great source for free patterns!!) and KnitPicks Essential Solid in Superwash. I reinforced the heel, but otherwise the pattern was followed. Next I wanna try two colors of yarn! So many patterns.... so little time.....

Monday, September 03, 2007

blast from the past

I was going through my old portfolios this morning and it reminded me that I don't sketch and paint often enough. I want to, but there just isn't time to do everything! I've said before that my hobby is hobbies, and that dreadful job that supports me sure takes up a lot of time! Anyway, I thought I'd post some older artwork that I've done. Friends have asked to see it and so here it is, with the usual disclaimer that I cringe over some of it now because I can see things I would do differently. ah well, that's why I need to do new stuff!

This is one of my favorites, an oil of some zinnias in my garden. I don't think it photographed especially well.

Another oil in my back garden. I sold this painting but am glad I have a photo of it because this giant mulberry tree fell down in a storm. It's gone!

I used to do a lot of portrait work. This is an oil of friend's daughter who is all grown up now.

Another friend's daughter, also nearly grown. This is colored pencil.

I did a lot of pet portraits, too. This is also colored pencil.

I got away from the commission work as I just didn't enjoy it. I prefer to just paint for myself now, but I don't get around to it much. One of these days.....