Saturday, September 08, 2007

my new best friend

Meet Snow. He is a 4 year old purebred miniature poodle with a snow-white coat. He is also a rescue dog in the Dayton Ohio area. I met him this morning.

I actually had the appointment to meet a different dog, but the rescue ladies were smart enough to bring several dogs that I might be interested in after interviewing me. I am so glad they did!! Oscar, the dog I thought I wanted, had little interest in me and vice versa. But Snow came right up and introduced himself and sat on my lap and let me know he'd like to come home with me. Even when the other dogs were running and playing, he sat with me and didn't leave to join the action until I put him down. He chose me first, so how can I not choose him??

He isn't quite ready to be adopted. He needs neutered and he needs some dental care while he's under anesthetic, so I will go back and pick him up later this month. That gives me time to get ready for him and buy the things he'll need to feel at home. I'm so glad to have found him! He is such an elegant little guy. He "prances" when he runs and he buries his head into my elbow when I am petting him on my lap. He's so smart and affectionate and we will be good buddies, I'm sure.

But about the name, Snow. I can see how that name was given, and the rescue lady says he has been resistant to having his name changed. So I'm thinking of "Beau" since it sounds a lot like what he is used to. But I'm more partial to "Jaxon", and "Jax" for short if he will get used to it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. And I could change my mind again before I go and get him! What do you think???


Bona Fide Knitter said...

I like the name "Snow." and he likes it too. What's wrong with "Snow"? It suits him. He is as cute as a button and as white as . . . .

starrgirl's world said...

you are so right! If he wants to be "snow", we'll keep it!! Thanks for your input!

Da Poet said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family. May you both have many happy days ahead sharing good times and comfort during the bad. He looks like such a handsome doggie too! Keep us posted. So glad you are posting again. I've missed you!!
p.s. I did get your request for an updated picture but whenever I have had one of my kids snap my picture I didn't like how I looked and wouldn't share it