Monday, September 03, 2007

blast from the past

I was going through my old portfolios this morning and it reminded me that I don't sketch and paint often enough. I want to, but there just isn't time to do everything! I've said before that my hobby is hobbies, and that dreadful job that supports me sure takes up a lot of time! Anyway, I thought I'd post some older artwork that I've done. Friends have asked to see it and so here it is, with the usual disclaimer that I cringe over some of it now because I can see things I would do differently. ah well, that's why I need to do new stuff!

This is one of my favorites, an oil of some zinnias in my garden. I don't think it photographed especially well.

Another oil in my back garden. I sold this painting but am glad I have a photo of it because this giant mulberry tree fell down in a storm. It's gone!

I used to do a lot of portrait work. This is an oil of friend's daughter who is all grown up now.

Another friend's daughter, also nearly grown. This is colored pencil.

I did a lot of pet portraits, too. This is also colored pencil.

I got away from the commission work as I just didn't enjoy it. I prefer to just paint for myself now, but I don't get around to it much. One of these days.....

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