Tuesday, March 18, 2008

you got it - more ACEOs

Well, I'm still on the ACEO bandwagon. I'm totally addicted to making these little cards and they are selling well, so that's what I am doing in my free time. This week I had to post some flowers (it IS spring after all...)
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The dog series have been very popular and I am getting requests for certain breeds. I will do those as soon as I can find references for them. Meanwhile, here are the doggies for this week:
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And I really do try to come up with something unique when I can. Last week it was "towers and turrets". This week it is old-fashioned iron lanterns. These things add tons of architectural interest to any building.

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Thanks so much for visiting my blog and my auctions. I appreciate the wonderful messages you've all sent!


Margaret Ann said...

What a lovely collection...I would imagine it is hard to see them go...the lamps are gorgeous...your flowers fresh...and even though I am not a dog person...they are simply charming! Thanks for sharing!

Genine said...

thes lights are great!!!!glad I found your site