Sunday, April 13, 2008

ACEO time of the week

I'm rather surprised I'm still going strong on the ACEOs, but I am. It feels great to come home and paint these little cards in the evening after work. I usually skip around more than this and it will soon be time to get outside and clean up the yard, but meanwhile, more cards. Here are this week's dogs.

For the link to this week's auctions, click here.


Hattie said...

They look great as always!

I have been meaning to ask you what exactly you glue the paper to, is it just cardstock? Now that I've got some stuff I was going to try my hand at a few practice aceos, but can't remember how you said you do it!

Pat said...

Hi, I linked to you from the Washline - LOVE your dog portraits! Your name caught my attention, as I have a "Star-girl" of my very own.... my gorgeous siberian husky, Star. Enjoying your posts, will return.

Sharon said...

You so need to do one of a Clumber Spaniel :) I have a great pic to work from on my blog from a couple of days ago.

Love them.


Knitman said...

These are fantastic. Really. Very well done.

starrgirl's world said...

yes, Hattie, I just glue them to cardstock. It makes a nice sturdy card. PS - I use Aileen's tacky glue and brush it on with a bit of water. Sticks great!!

sorry I didn't see your message earlier. I hope you get this reply!!

Keith Black said...

These are great. You have a great talent for using your medium to portray animals.