Thursday, March 29, 2007

Family Dinner

Well, I've been on vacation from work this week and you'd think I'd get some extra stuff done, right? Nope! Been busy cooking and having guests and it has been a lot of fun. First up was a family dinner. On the menu were my grandmother's homemade noodles, which are drying on the counter here in the first photo. Just egg noodles, but mixed, cut and dried all by hand just like my family has been making them for over a hundred years that I know of. They came out perfect and everyone had seconds! For those of you NOT from the midwest, these are served atop mashed potatoes (yes, I said ATOP) and you simply go into a coma after eating this delicacy. Some of the shredded beef roast goes into the noodles but you can serve the rest on the side if you feel the need for protein balance...

The table all set and waiting.

My sister had such a good time that she stayed for five days! We had so much fun that I hate to go back to my normal working schedule. Why can't I stay home and knit and make family dinners for a living? But I must be able to afford myself, so I'll go back to work next week. Meanwhile, I've got a precious few days left to enjoy the arrival of spring and the new fun memories of a family gathered round the table. Life doesn't get better than that!


Da Poet said...

You set a beautiful table stargirl! I am a midwesterner too and my mom made noodles the same way and now my oldest daughter, Michelle does it. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we have her homemade noodles and yes we put them over or smashed potatos too :) Today I am making 15 bean soup with country style ribs as the seasoning meat. Hope it is good.
Hugs and Love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Starr!!! Your table is absolutely lovely! I'm glad you had such an enjoyable week off. Hope you are doing as well as you sound.

Much love,