Monday, October 08, 2007

more about Beaux

I know, I know ~~ I have joined the ranks of the insufferably adoring pet-owners. Who knew it could still happen?? I am beyond the "blush of youth", yet a worthy companion has come along...

and lo and behold he is a dog......

When I was a kid and an acquaintance of mine acquired a dog and treated it like a child, I was disgusted beyond measure. I thought the woman was insane. I'd like to think I would still be of that opinion.

However, I can certainly understand it a lot more now. Beaux is my new beaux. How nice it is to have such a generous spirit greet you at the end of the work day and be so glad to see you come home - like you are such a genius for doing so! And should you also want to go for a walk? Well then, you are a superhero for being so brilliant! Just around the block? No problem ~~ you are the one and only one I would want to do that with!!

Let me tell you ~ no toddler and no teenager ever gave feedback such as this. I like being "alpha". And I think I could get used to it!!

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