Monday, November 26, 2007

Well, now I'm writing articles..

I admit it - my hobby is hobbies. If it's something creative, I've probably tried it or wanted to. Lately, it's writing. I joined a writing forum called Associated Content to get some practice and a little spare change. I thought I'd link to some of the articles for those who check my blog.

Here's how it works. I'll print a bit of the article here and a link at the bottom if you want to read the rest. If you do click to read more, it registers a page view for me. Even better, you can rate my article if you like by clicking on the stars at the top. And you can be honest - no one knows which star you clicked on. There's also room for comments after the article just like there is here. I hope you'll come and visit when you can.

This is one of my first articles. It's a bit long (I'm learning to condense already), so I'll just print some of it.

Celebrity Worship - Are You Part of This Madness?
10 Celebs that I Wish Would Disappear

One of the most famous signs in the world, and iconic image of an industry.
Credit: Rich DuBose

Celebrity worship is not a new phenomenon, but it has soared to new heights and become its own culture. Hollywood-style entertainment started out as a nice diversion for the normal person who wanted to relax and see a movie on the weekend. Now you can't turn on the TV or walk past a newsstand without being assaulted by the media darlings.

Exactly what constitutes a celebrity these days? Surprisingly, very little. There is no longer a prerequisite for having talent or making a difference in society. I admire those who do have these qualifications, but really, all it takes now is to be found charming on a reality show or to have an extravagant lifestyle where you are on exhibit for your abilities to party with the A List. No need to worry about a few drugs or a bit of jail time - all that can be fixed with a well-paid publicist and the fans will continue to hunger for what happens next. What kind of credentials are these??

We need to take a good, reflective look at ourselves to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. Celebrities exist because we make them who they are. If we quit paying attention right now, eventually they would cease to exist. If we pay no mind to their drug problems or buy their products, we can have an effect on this epidemic of celebrity poisoning. Who are these people anyway? We don't really know them. All we know is how they are presented by the media. We watch them rise and then we watch them fall. We watch them spend their money and we watch them go through rehab like it's nothing but a revolving door. Is that what you want your children and grandchildren to emulate? That's not what I want.

What I want is for ten of these overexposed creatures to disappear.
(to find out which ten, click here)

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