Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Geez, I haven't posted in awhile - or drawn either, tho I have been knitting. Don't know what's gotten into me except that I needed a change or something. Anyway, I felt so rusty this evening when I got out the supper ingredients and thus delayed supper to sketch. Mantra: every day! every day! You can sure lose your edge fast!!



hashi said...

Luscious shadows! Well done!

Tami said...

Tones are incredible! I wondered what was up, I missed ya!

Lin said...

FANTASTIC!!! Your shadows are always a lesson to me, Starr! I LOVE THEM!

Linda said...

Great drawing! You're so right about losing the edge -- I spent so much time lately painting that when I recently sat down to just draw it was kind of sad!
:-D Yours still look WONDERFUL though, so keep repeating that mantra ... and say it loud enough to be heard here in East Tennessee!