Friday, August 25, 2006


Well, if you've given up on me, I don't blame you! I didn't quit drawing, but I sure got distracted. It's the story of my life - too many interests and not enough time. Between the knitting, which I'll post pics of later, and my recent vacation getaway, and then going right back to work and having to catch up, I like to never got the recent sketches posted. So now here is an overload. They are in the order I sketched them and they pretty much tell the story of my short trip. My, but it was a beautiful place at the beach. Why, oh why was I born a poor girl who has to work for a living?? Give me the beach any ole day!!!!!!

airport wait

airport lunch, Atlanta

marina shop

cabana view

cabana bar table

marina boats

spa day

drink special

the pelican bar

view of Charleys

shells one

shells two

grey ocean

chair at the door



lone star





Lin said...

You have been so missed, cara!! These journal pages are incredible! What a fantastic vacation -- it looks so restful! Love the shells and the bits of your vacation in pictures!!! WONDERFUL WONDERFUL, Starr!! And yes I too understand the pull of wanting to do anything else but work!! LOL So glad to have you back -- and thank you for this non-overload of wonderful images!

Deluzy said...

She's BAACK!! I'm so glad -- well, you know what I mean: for our sake, though for your sake I wish you were still among the Pampered and the folks by the sea.

You're the most talented sketcherer and diarist I've ever met: I seriously wish you'd seek a publisher because I'd dearly love to own some of your work, even in reprint form, and I'd love others to be able to enjoy it on a large scale.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic sketches!!! Glad to see your back at it!


Tami said...

Hi Starr! Glad you're back. I just figured you were "still knitting". I know what it is like to get wrapped up in a million different things that you like and just day to day living as well.

Your sketches are lovely, I hope the Holiday helped! I have missed your drawings and your comments here and there.

Linda said...

How cool to see all these sketches at once! So beautiful, as always. Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Karen said...

Glad to see you posting again, and you sure filled up a lot of sketchbooks very nicely!


Linda said...

Well, you may not have posted in a bit, but you sure have been busy! These are wonderful sketches -- something special about the pages with the shells and the writing. Wonderful as usual!

pedalpower said...

What wonderful travel sketches!! You must have had a great vacation.