Friday, May 18, 2007

love my grands!

Today, I cannot help but brag on my grands. If you have made it as far as I have in this life, you will know that the grandchildren were worth waiting for! Oh how I love those little guys even if I don't want them with me all the time!! And isn't that the beauty of it?? You get to have them for the best of times and send them home for their pathetic parents to deal with. Ain't it sweet justice?? I am grinning sooooooo big over that!!

Meanwhile, I came home today to a gift! It was cookies made by my five-year-old grandson Colin. He had searched out the recipe himself ~ chocolate butter cookies in the shape of pretzels (with red sprinkles) ~ and his mom helped him make them since he and his older siblings were home sick from school and needed some entertainment. Colin wasn't thrilled with the cookies themselves, but he did bring me a bagful and leave them for me while I was at work today. Naturally he decorated the baggie they are in ~ he wrote his name and drew a picture of me, along with a heart for love. Personally, I think he is a budding Rembrandt and will keep that precious baggie as a remembrance. Then, if he gets famous it will be worth a mint. If not, I can torture him with it, right?? In any case, I love it. I do know that the child is gifted no matter what.

And the cookies were tasty, too! I held off eating any until I photographed them, but then I promptly gobbled down two of the four. Honestly, they were very good! So I called Colin for the recipe, but he is too busy playing outside in the yard to talk to me right now. Hmmmmmmmmm. I guess I can wait for his recipe secrets, but the rest of the cookies will be gone by the time I talk to him again.....

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