Thursday, May 17, 2007


Sometimes even I wonder how I get interested in the things that I do! Of late, it has been making PICKLES! So, between working, yardwork, visiting family, knitting dishcloths and socks, studying Italian and working Sudoku puzzles, I've been researching pickle recipes and shopping for ingredients. Weird, huh??

I'm still experimenting, but I am focusing on FRESH pickles, not canned. I've made some sweet pickles, some authentic dills without vinegar, some kimchee style cabbage with Korean chile powder (whoo boy!!), some carrots that were wayyyy too sweet, some carrots that are just pickles and not sweet, some bok choy, some HOT cauliflower and so on and so on. When I get through the experimental phase I will keep the recipes that I like and go from there.

I do like the idea of Fermented veggies rather than just pickled, but we'll see how that develops. Meanwhile, aren't they gorgeous?? I love how they look just as much as how they taste!

Hmmmm...... should I plant some cukes real soon?????????? I know that they grow and multiply much faster than the grocery store prices would have you believe.......

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