Tuesday, June 26, 2007

back to sketching

Time to get back to sketching! I can't believe how I cycle through the projects at hand, but I always do and I am no longer going to try to figure out why I do what I do. On again, off again, on again, no matter.

Lately I have been working in the garden like crazy and finally I am wanting to sketch again. I got out last year's garden sketchbook and picked up where I left off. First, a little explanation...

And then an easy sketch of a plant and a couple little birds sitting on a porch table:

This evening I sketched the hummingbird feeder after taking a bunch of photos of the garden. Hopefully I can get some more detailed sketches soon of what's happening in the garden this year.

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Da Poet said...

Just wanted to let you know I am still out here and reading your blog. I check on it everyday and am so glad when something new has been added.