Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SP10 Package arrived today!!!

Well, I must say it was very nice to come home from work today and find a package I've been anxiously awaiting just sitting nonchalantly on my porch! My secret pal had let me know it was on the way some time ago so I had been on the watch. You see, I joined this secret pal knitting group and very much enjoyed sending off packages to the young lady I was given to spoil. Only one problem - my original secret pal assigned to me dropped out! And so, after not getting any packages, I reported it and I was given an "angel" secret pal. Now these are pals that do extra duty! They swoop in and rescue those who didn't recieve any gifts because - well, because they are just extra nice knitting pals who care. My angel pal is Karen and I am so tickled with my package from her! Just look at this:

the package has arrived!

Right on top is a card labled "read me" - how fun!! (I feel just like Alice in Wonderland, wondering what will happen next!)

Every message I had from Karen had a lovely knitting image on it and this card did too. I'll have to ask her where she got them!

A lovely note inside. I blurred out the personal stuff just in case...

WOW! Look at that book! It is filled with the lovliest patterns and photos ever! I don't think I would have splurged on it so I doubly appreciate recieving it. I adore books and I can't wait to try something out of this one. The photography is so luscious that I can just pore over the pages while deciding what to try first. The lace is so elegant! And look, too, at the yarns my pal sent me! Gorgeous chenille just begging to be cast on and some Knitpicks Essential that will make a delicious pair of socks. The color is Inca Gold, which is actually a yummy brown and much prettier in person. It will be fun to anticipate picking out a pattern for it.

And then, if that was not enough - a whole skin care package!!! Now I'm a girly-girl from way back and I just love all the personal jams and jellies you can get. Look at all these products! Notice the little jar of capsules you can break open and spread on - each one is a little present. And I am going to break into that bottle of lotion with the suspended beads of vitamin E in it yet tonite!! Even now I have a bath running so that I can gather up the whole collection and play in the tub with them all. That's a big girl's idea of fun!!

Thank you so much Secret Pal Karen - you are very much an angel to volunteer to make sure that an abandoned pal still gets a gift. I am nominating you for BEST PAL and if you don't win it will not be because I don't think you are the very best! I appreciate your kindness and generosity and I thank you for a most pleasant surprise that I will enjoy for a long, long time.

ps - I am going to affix your "read me" card inside the book with an inscription of how I received it so that I always remember where I got that lovely book. Thanks so much again!!


Hattie said...

Thanks for being a great secret pal to me! And so glad you still got presents as well. Have fun in the tub!

Karen said...

I am so glad you like all your gifts! I had fun buying them for you! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!! -- Karen