Saturday, January 06, 2007

more knitting

Well, I felt like getting the rest of the knitting out and chronicled here. I want to post to a sock knitting group and I need some evidence! This was my first pair a couple months ago. I got interested when I read Wendy Knits and she talked about superwash wool. Washable wool socks with nylon for wearability? Wow, I had to try that! Years ago I knitted some socks and they got holes in the heels so fast that I gave up. And these are her famous generic toe-up pattern that was pretty easy to do. Once I worked through it, that is. And they don't exactly match because I panicked and started the second sock before I wanted to. I was afraid of running out of yarn and really, I wouldn't have. oh well. I wore them and they are marvelous! Opal yarn. (note - I got those pesky holes in the gusset, but will do that better next time!)

This second pair is another Wendy pattern, the toe-up Feather and Fan in Opal yarn. I trusted the pattern even though it looked too big for me, and sure enough, the first sock is too big. I made the second one anyway, but am still deciding whether to re-knit just one sock or unravel both and start completely over. I'm not really attached to these and I could probably find something I like better out of this yarn. I think I would like this yarn better if the heels, cuffs and toes were solid black.

This pair is a Chevron Lace pattern from knittingonthenet, done out of Lorna's Laces. Nice and lightweight and I'm wondering how they'll wear.

I love how these turned out. I had gotten a lone ball of sale superwash sock yarn and paired it with some solid color yarn to stretch it into a pair of socks. I was amazed that the nondescript looking striping yarn worked up so pretty. I simply can't tell by looking at self-striping yarn how it's gonna turn out! The pattern is Karen's Lace Socks from needlesandwool.

After a few pairs of socks I wanted something even more mindless to do and that began the "cotton dishcloth phase". Sugar & Cream cotton yarn is cheap and I can even get it at the grocery, so I made tons of these cloths. I have gifted most away, but these are a couple I still have.

Then I started trying to use up the Sugar & Cream - I don't think it can be done. I also decided that the cotton cloths are relatively heavy and don't need to be so big. I made them into smaller rectangles like these and I like them a lot. That way you can use them a time or two and throw them in the wash. As long as you have someone knitting you a supply, of course! I do love these!

I wondered if you could make a face cloth that would be nice and this was my attempt with a skein of Bernat Cool Crochet, 70% cotton, 30% nylon. It has a bit of sheen and I thought it would be a treat to leave out for a guest to use. Or a nice gift in a basket with some handmade soap. (I have a friend who makes wonderful soap!)

And this is the latest ~ a baby hat and mitts and mittens for another co-worker. It will be new baby Giovanni's first winter, so I made him a hat with flaps and thumbless mitts. The hat seems stretchy, so thinking it will still fit him next year, I made him some big boy mittens, too. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft Tweed, acrylic and rayon for easy care.

And now what will I start on next? I'm itching to start socks, but I promised my sister another dog sweater for her Yorkie. I forgot to photograph him in the one I gave him a couple weeks ago, so stay tuned for that. He is one little designer dog in that thing! Now let me see.....


pedalpower said...

Wow you have been busy!!! Love all the socks and the bags especially. I think the Lucy bag is my favorite.

Alison said...

These socks and purses are all such fun - perhaps I will knit socks this winter - I don't really need a new sweater.

Da Poet said...

I love your knitting blogs. I just wish you would update more often. I check on the blog everyday :) You are a very good knitter. Wish I could say the same about me. But I try.

teabird17 said...

You're right about not being able to get through all of your sugar 'n' cream - I swear the stuff multiplies in my closet! Nice cloths -