Monday, January 22, 2007

a post for Trish

I had the nicest comment from Trish, who said that she checks my blog in hopes of seeing something new each day. What a nice complement! So this post is for you, Trish! Really, I do something artistic each day or I can't live with myself, but I don't always post it. so I will try to do better at that. Thanks for your interest.

Here is a bag that I made for my daughter while I was off work in December. It is two different pink yarns combined since I couldn't find a shade of pink in wool that I liked. It is trimmed with an antique button that I just love. My daughter ~Ellyn~ loves pink and old buttons, so this was an effort to thank her for taking care of me while I recovered from surgery last Nov & Dec.

Naturally, I needed to make a scarf to go with the purse. I started out with a beaded scarf like I made for Maureen, but somehow it didn't seem right. It was what *I* liked, but not necessarily what Ellyn would like, so I tore it out and started over. I remembered that Ellyn had been particularly fond of a "keyhole" scarf I had made her when she was young, so I found a pattern for one of those. This one is not only a "keyhole" but is done in a herringbone stitch which I had not heard of before. Perfect! It is a free pattern by Kim Hamlin of and was super-easy to do. I cannot provide it for you per her restrictions, but you can google that info and find it, I'm sure. I added the beaded ends on my version for fun.

The lining is a wild, pleated floral that adds the touch of the unexpected. Who wants to settle for ordinary?

I'm off to do some more knitting and sincerely wish I could knit and draw all of the time. If any of you figure out how to quit your day jobs and do that, would you let me know?? :-)


Maureen said...

Oh Starr Sister...this bag is brilliant. Love the surprise inside lining and the stiching on the scarf. I bet Ellyn was delighted with both. xoxo

Da Poet said...

Awww bless your heart, if you aren't the sweetest person I don't know who is. I am honored to have today's blog dedicated to me :) I also love your projects and am going to go and check out the pattern for the scarf. But I just HAVE to finish off this little sweater I have been working on for my 2 year old grandson. If I ever get it finished and put together I will take a picture of it and put it on my blog to see. It will be the first time I have knitted a sweater and put it together. Of course little Bubba won't care how it looks and he will wear it happily cause he just loves his grannie.
Big Hugs to ya starrgirl!