Thursday, February 15, 2007

for Knitman

I got the nicest post from a new friend, Knitman, who encouraged me to continue with these cabled socks. But of course I did! As soon as I frogged them, I cast on and started again. Along the way, I realized that two circs with this pattern was screwing me up, so I slid them off to my old faithful birch DPNs. such wonderful feeling needles! I do want to do the two-at-once socks on circs, but this pattern repeat didn't work out so well. So I'll probably finish these on the beautiful birchies. Thanks, Knitman, for the encouraging message. I'm adding you to my fav's!!


Knitman said...

I knew they were lovely and so glad you didn't abandon them.
I knit on 1 long circ, used to knit on two. However, I only knit one at a time!;-)
I tried dpn's-like trying to knit with a hedgehog....

Am looking forward to seeing the finished article.

Da Poet said...

beautiful work Starrgirl!! I am glad knitman encouraged you to continue. I would like to learn to knit on DPN. Might try to find a class locally once winter is over. Too much snow here to get out much right now. Have a great week-end.