Monday, February 05, 2007


Well, I've learned a lot recently from my Yahoo knitting groups ~ for instance, if you need to "unknit" a section of what you are working on, that is called "tink" - ing. (the word "knit" spelled backwards.) And if you should find yourself totally off base and need to start over on a project, then you must FROG it! Which means you will hear those tearing-out sounds of "rip-it, rip-it", also known as FROGGING!!!

Remember my recent post of two socks at once on circular needles? FROGGED! I had made so many mistakes in knitting them that it seemed a shame to waste the luscious yarn on badly-made socks. So this evening I sat down at the ball-winder and let 'em rip right back into a yummy ball of exquisite yarn with new possibilities. I will remake this pattern, of course, now that I think I can do it right. And here I was well into the foot of those socks! Never mind, they will be even more wonderful when I knit them right!

And while I was at it, I grabbed the ugly black & white Opal yarn Feather and Fans I made a while back and they took a dip in the frog pond as well. I see them being remade with solid black toes and heels and a lot of ribbing all around.

Here is the fresh start yarn, ready to go. Stay tuned!

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Da Poet said...

I just love your blogs. I have learned two new phrases. Tinking and Frogging :) Like your new yarn but would rather have socks in that ultra soft yarn you were using. Keep up the good blogs and I will keep reading them.