Friday, January 04, 2008

January woes...

Winter is here in Ohio and that makes for a mighty cold house! I am pretty frugal while on my own and it is very expensive to heat a whole house for one person. Sooo... I rely on small heaters to keep me warm in whichever spot I am residing while home. Thank goodness for individual ceramic heaters!

Meanwhile, another big expense when you are on your own is PLUMBING!! I was not happy to come home today and discover the bathtub leaking in a steady stream. But I DID drag my chair into the bathroom and sketch the offending faucet. So there!!

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Lin said...

Cold, indeed!!! And heating costs (and for us the fear of water loss due to drought), certainly keeps one up at night! I love how you've taken these opportunities to sketch, though! The bathtub is especially nice with the tile and faucet shadow! Love the shading on it!! I am such a fan of your sketches!