Sunday, January 13, 2008

the rest of the past week

I actually did stay busy drawing and knitting in the evenings this past week, but did not take the time to scan and post. Here's the activity.

The story of Baby Jeff-Loretta

The reason I had BJL was to make a hand-knit sweater like the one I made for Cherry, my grandaughter's bear.

EDM Challenge 117 - Draw something round

I just love these new shoes!

A creative look at dirty dishes...

a fabulous movie!!

My oldest grandson doesn't have (or need) a teddy bear, but he did request a scarf for his favorite stuffed animal. He has cast his Tigger into the role of Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes and wanted him to have a classic long red scarf just like Hobbes wears in the comic strip. I was glad to oblige!

Oh how I do love to draw!


Alison said...

So lovely to see you back sketching again - these are all beautiful - the sketches and the way you have fitted the text around.

Lin said...

Oh Starr! From your teddy bears to EE-OOR to the kitchen, your sketches are divine!!! They are so rich and filled with meaning and story!! GREAT JOB!

Anita Davies said...

Oh my, what wonderful journal pages.
This is my first time visiting but you can be assured that I will be back.
I gather it's a moleskin sketchbook right? What paint medium are you using in it?

Ann said...

You have been busy! I love the richness of color in these sketches. Really fantastic watercolors.