Thursday, May 04, 2006

challenge #65

Here is my challenge for this week, subject, "noses"...


And I continue to hunt out tail lights. It was easy to get my son and daughter-in-law for this one. I'll probably be able to fill the book just on people I know!! And that just means the tail light project will continue. I see them all day every day!!

tail lights


Felicity said...

Lovely shading on the noses - I like how the trunk hangs out of the frame! Did someone say you found drawing difficult? Sure doesn't show :)!!

starrgirl's world said...

thanks, Felicity. I don't find general drawing too difficult - actually, it relaxes me and that is why I am going to town on these Moleskines! But I sometimes have a hard time getting a good likeness in portrait work. That challenges me and someone commented on that yesterday.

Robyn said...

I have subscribed to your blog via Bloglines so that I can see when you have something new and exciting posted. Your layouts are interesting and the the drawings great. Thanks for the inspiration.

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