Saturday, May 27, 2006

saturday's sketches

Today was a day off and I didn't feel like doing any REAL work, so here is what I did - several sketches!! First off are some "roses" made from Hershey kisses. I've had these a while but wouldn't let myself eat them until they were drawn. Now I can have the chocolat!!
rose kisses

And then there is the garage window that I noticed was so overgrown with ivy yesterday. I'd much rather photograph it and draw it than get out there and sweat while trying to tame it!!
garage ivy

And finally, a few more tail lights. I do like these Chrysler models...


Nel said...

Your sketches are wonderful, you make me want to pull out my Moleskine sketchbook and go at it. And that's a good thing! Delightful work, love your style. May I put your blog up on mine as a link? Thanks. Nel.

Lin said...

Weeding, garage cleaning, closet straightening -- I TOO would rather sketch all that than clean it up ..!! LOL Super sketches, Starr! And I want a bite of chocolate! LOL

Sue said...

I love all your sketches. I love that you post so many delightful renderings so often. You're in my favorites so that I can check regularly just in the short time I was away there was lots to see here of course. Thanks for the great enjoyment I recieve peeking in here.

Tami said...

I love the window and the Ivy, I agree much better to draw it than to try to go tame it!

Thanks for the coaching advice on my blog, that is the only way I learn!