Tuesday, May 02, 2006

new series

I've started another Moleskine! That means I need to order some more since I've now gone through my pack of four already. Actually, I gave one away, I'm almost through my first everyday one, one is devoted to weight issues, and now this one is devoted to - of all things - car tail lights.


I've had a fascination with the umpteen varieties of car tail lights for a long time. I notice them all the time and am constantly amazed at the many ways they can be configured along the back of a vehicle. I'm always thinking, "there's another one!" and I had thought of doing some sort of painting of a series of them.

But I like the idea of having a Moleskine for them because I can just add pages as I feel like it and collect them that way. I devoted the first page to my own car, of course and then went looking for others. Now I'll have to visit my kids to check out their tail lights. *grin*


Sue said...

Dang, girl, you are GOOD!! Love your talent. Enjoy all your subject matter. Thanks for this terrific site. Sue

Lin said...

TAIL LIGHTS???? Only YOU could make these elegant, gorgeous and worth studying!! SUPERB!

Felicity said...

You and my eldest could talk for hours - he talks about tail light designs too! Great drawings!

Tami said...

Strange things lurk in the minds of artists! Only you could make me enjoy this series, although, when I have a car "eye balling" in my windshield, I gotta say, I get a kick out to the creativity the designers used. Nice job!