Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ebay listing for the ACEOs

Well, just when I was considering listing my new ACEOs on ebay, a special came along. Today, for one day only, listing fees were reduced to 20 cents per item. Naturally, I had to snag onto that. And so, my listings are made for the recently created ACEOs. It has been a bit more work than I expected, but then again, I don't do anything half-way. I wanted good artwork, with good, sturdy backing, and I think I have a quality product to offer. If you like, you can check me out here. From there, you can click on "view seller's other items" and see the whole shebang.

Here I go again - off on yet another tangent...

1 comment:

Hattie said...

Ooooh I'm all over those, I'm watching two of them. I want them all! I lost your email as well lol. Mine is for the email I use most. :)