Tuesday, February 12, 2008

postcard exchange

Recently, I engaged in an original art post-card exchange with an EDM member in England. It was so exciting to compose a postcard to her and wait for one in return. I sent mine off a couple weeks ago and today - I finally received hers! This is it! Anita checked out my profile here and found that I do love my lipstick and so that is what she drew for me. It could not be more perfect! I love love love my lipstick and even carried it in my fanny pack when I used to walk marathons. So this is a lovely, thoughtful and cherished post from a fellow artist across a mighty ocean from me. How fun!!

And this was my postcard to her a couple weeks ago. I looked for something unique to draw for her and decided on this sterling cucumber spoon from my collection. Others seemed fascinated by it, as well as unfamiliar with such a thing. Well, guess what? I also have a tomato spoon! It is a bit larger on the rounded end.

And now I will have to watch for others who want to trade artwork - it was quite fun to do and I love Anita's card.


Anita Davies said...

So pleased it made to you safetly and that you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyd yours
Thanks for taking part Starr!

bec said...

This is a great project isn't it! I love your cucumber spoon and Anita's reply is beautiful too!