Saturday, February 02, 2008

wrapping up January

January has been quite a productive month! After barely sketching last year, I somehow got motivated by the EDM group to get going again. I got a goal buddy - Ann - and wrote to her that I would like to get six moleskine page spreads done in the month of January so as to get sketching again. Well....

With these two sketches, done on the last day of Jan '08, I actually did 29 moleskine page spreads and a good bit of knitting! I am very pleased (and surprised!) with this output even though I am looking to change direction a bit and breathe some new life into my artistic endeavors. Oh, and by the way, I was working that pesky full time job all the while this month. Doesn't making a living just totally get in the way???

I recently started a new moleskine and I did "pre-treat" some of the pages with paint and collage a la Roz. This one had a cutout of some African-inspired fabric, so I did a bit of research on little African birds who might enjoy such a landscape. Isn't the Ostrich a hoot?

Yesterday I popped into a shop and picked up a cool magnifying glass with a gorgeous ceramic blue-striped handle. The beauty of that purchase is that I really need the darn thing!

For February I hope to expand even more. I have spent a couple days researching new art supplies like gouache (with the help of Laura) and beautiful Leather Journals (on the recommendation of Bill) so hopefully, new things are in store.

Stay warm and keep sketching/knitting/posting dear friends.


Lin said...

CONGRATS, Starr!!! YAHOO -- back to sketching and such awesome work!!! And oh my YES, work DEFINITELY gets in the way! Keep it up -- I'm eager to see what masterful pieces you'll share in February!

Ann said...

I can't believe you do all this *and* work full time! Amazing awesome sketchbook pages! I especially like the page with the birds and fabric design. You make me very envious Starr - great start and beyond on your goals :)