Monday, February 25, 2008

more ACEOs

I've spent an awful lot of time lately on making these little cards! They are quite addictive, and hopefully sale-able, so here's the latest. Doesn't this strawberry look yummy?
You can see the ebay listing here.

Maybe radishes make you long for spring gardening...

The ebay listing is here.

I also did a series of spring flowers

(ebay listing of one is here.)

And here is the first series of orchids. These are fascinating plants!

(ebay listing of one orchid is here.)

And after all that, there's more! Later in the week I'll be posting and listing another set of orchids and a full set of ferns. Stay tuned!


Hattie said...

Oh man you're killing me! I want them all!!! Seriously this time I'm just gonna bid on the ones I want...whoo boy like I need another addiction!

Lin said...

I've always loved your watercolors, Starr -- and these wee ones are exceptional!! Beautiful work!

Anita Davies said...

Absolutely gorgeous Starr!

bec said...

How beautiful! I love them all.