Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Crazy Girly-Girl

yep, this is crazy times for me. and the upshot of it all is that I am having a girly-girl attack. I happen to think that is amazing!!

Here I am, beginning to think that 12 hour workdays are SHORT, worrying about how my NAILS look!! Fingernails!!! You heard me right - fingernails! It doesn't get more girly-girl than that!!

For years I have coveted the look of a fake french manicure. Totally ridiculous, I know -and all the more-so since I have a bunch of great nails on the ends of my fingers - but there it is. I'm a fake-nail-wannabe. I have refrained because I am the sensitive type - allergies, you know. And I figured if I blew a bunch of bucks on a full set, I'd be at home in the bathroom, peeling them off by candlelight and crying over the money spent to get them put on.

But after working double-time for the past couple weeks and finally getting a day off, I was overcome with the idea of a pedicure and a fake french manicure. It took some arranging...

First of all, my day off was a Sunday and I called all over and couldn't get an appointment anywhere. Well, there was always that place at the mall, ya know... And I got online and researched the manicure thing.

I found out that press-on nails are quite the rage and have improved tremendously. That helped me out a lot. Now all I had to do was walk-in to the mall salon for the pedicure and go to the local beauty supply for the hand/nail stash. It was easily accomplished.

I found the requisite fake fingernails in french-style (60 nails for $5.99!!) and bought a couple nail files for good measure. Then I headed to the mall. I had my Sudoku puzzle and a pair of sandals packed, but they were ready for me! As fast as I could say "pedicure", I was in a black vibrating chair with a supremely bored technician working on my feet!! No matter - the chair was divine. It gave me a better neck massage than my former husband of 23 years and it was amusing to watch the nail tech go through the motions of a pedicure. The most important thing was that I had chosen a flattering shade of polish and it looked great when she was done. The price was a bargain and my feet felt like they had gained new life after being encased in steel-toed boots for the past couple weeks. I couldn't wait to get home and glue on the new fake-o nails.

Needless to say, they worked out great and I am still walking around staring at them. I don't have the commitment and price and odor of a full set of acrylics, and I can rid myself of these press-ons the moment I get bored. But right now I am pondering trashy designs like air-brushed roses or dragonflies with rhinestone bodies or glittery shapes like metallic blue stars...

Once a girly girl. the urge never leaves...

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Deluzy said...

I love this story, Starr! I'm a member of the girly-girl nail club, and I added a few decals last week ... my mother would be appalled and consider it tacky -- but oh well!