Sunday, March 19, 2006

Initial Post to the New Blog

Hello! I am at a very weird time in my life. So what better time to start a blog?

I am Starr, thus I am starrgirl, and this is starrgirl's world. Shall it be open to interpretation? Hmmmmm... I think not. I think I shall just post whatever I want and leave it go at that. Your interpretation might be valid to you, but not to me and vice versa. So I say, screw interpretation. I plan to just post as I see fit and have no formal interpretation. It will be whatever I want it to be and I shall change my mind whenever I please.

Journalistic freedom! It is now possible! Long live the old broads (over 50!) who can call a spade a spade, or say what they think and not care about the feedback!

Welcome to starrgirl's world.

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