Sunday, June 25, 2006

another garden day

I am plum wore out. I had a young man come and help me in the garden today and we worked HARD. He was worth his weight in gold and I was thrilled to see my garden taking shape again. How nice to have someone do the heavier work while I weeded and pointed and gave directions. Meanwhile, son Bill got out the drill and hung a few things outside on the brick for me. First up was a star on the garage and then an iron star on the porch above the mailbox slot.


Once the drill recharged, Bill hung a birdcage on the front porch, too. It is just for show, but quite whimsical and cute. Who knows, I may see a bird perched on it one day - there are so many here now that seem to enjoy the garden as much as I do!


I will have to blog later about all the work that went on out back today. And the point of that was to get through the work so I can go out there to sketch and paint!! I am so excited at how nice it is shaping up! It is a wild child's garden, definitely one for an artist. I'll be out there sketching all summer and beyond!

Tonight, however, I will be taking a painkiller at bedtime. Oy, but being one with the earth can be painful...


Tami said...

Yay! for you and your stars, love the very personal touches that caress a home! Birdcage sounds fun, too! Can't wait to see your paintings from the garden!

Tami said...

Starr, I tried to e-mail you back, no luck. So here is the answer to your question: The inks are made by Winsor and Newton, it is a set of 8 colors. You can use a pen and nib or paint brush to apply them. The colors are VERY INTENSE,blend well, lighten up with water and go a very long way. The set was around $25.00 (pretty spendy, I thought at the time) but to me, worth every penny,once I started using them.