Friday, June 09, 2006

in the garden

I HAVE been drawing each day, but due to computer issues I couldn't post! Gradually I am getting my computer reformatted and back up to speed - what a pain!! But the drawing is a joy as always. Last evening I sat outside and sketched a couple of current bloomers. Here is Miss Stella D'oro...


and the oriental girl known as The Little Princess ~


And how is your neighborhood??


Lin said...

Computer problems are rampant this week! Mine at work blew up -- my satellite at home is kerwonked -- and my Mazilla won't load photos ... geez!! BUT OH MY, Starr -- these are GLORIOUS!!!!!!!! LOVE them both --!! Colors, lines, journal entries -- the bestest!!! Oh, and my neighborhood -- I've been sketching the birds! LOL

Jan said...

Two perfectly beautiful journal pages! Just gorgeous! (I've been having computer problems too!!!)

Linda said...

Starr -- I've been off the computer for a few weeks and have missed your wonderful drawings! These floral sketches are just remarkable! You have an amazing talent.