Wednesday, June 21, 2006

beginning of summer

It is a time of dreams and blooming.

I saw this "quiz" on Moleskinerie, a site I like to peruse. I have seen similar quizzes before, but was in the mood to answer this one. Please feel free to copy the questions and answer them for yourself if you like...


This plant goes through so many stages during the season. I wish I had done this sketch in my garden book, but will just have to do it on the next phase. I love how this plant keeps changing and staying interesting - kind of a hint, don't you think?

oak leaf 2


Jan said...

Both beautiful works/pages. I was interested in the quiz too, but haven't done it yet. The hydranger is perfect. The slight sag, created by the joint forces of gravity and old age, is perfect!

Tami said...

Absolutely one of my all time favorites!!! The tones you chose for the shadows just POP this drawing!!! I love it!