Sunday, June 04, 2006

a fast weekend

Another two days off that went by at lightening speed!! Saturday was garden sketching - what else this time of year?? This is the first year I had bluebells and I have to say that they are spectacular. They don't last long, but oh what a treat they are!!

I went out to one of my new chairs in my jammies on Saturday morning, and there, right beside the chair, was a healthy tuft of some sort of Iris, just bloomin' away in the morning sun. Oh, what a nice surprise!

On Sunday I made myself do a bit of cleanup at home and then my reward was a wee shopping trip (to quote my friend Maureen). I used a coupon to buy a new outfit and then promptly went and blew the difference on a restaurant dinner. It is something I don't do often but it was terribly fun!! And I have leftovers for later...


sooper soo said...

are these pages snippets of your journal? they're amazing! and the style..just, every page that you've made, are so beautiful and creative! it could be published into a book!

Deluzy said...

Yup, they're amazing, all right. I don't think you have a *clue* how amazing, Starr!!! :)

I love PF Changs, and I love that you went shopping and felt GOOD about what you experienced!

Tami said...

These are wonderful, Starr. I am trying to watch and learn form all of you. I love the way you do your backgrounds, they always blend with your subjects and colors so beautifully. Thank you so much, also, for the words of encouragement on my sketching.

Lin said...

Oh, Starr!! I SO LOVE LOVE LOVE your garden sketches -- well, truth be told -- ALL OF THEM!!!
Your wee iris is a 'tradescandsia' ( -- and your bluebells are an awesome accomplishment! So when can I expect your gardening journal to be published???!!!