Wednesday, June 14, 2006

things i love

there is nothing better than an ordinary free evening, don't you think? tonight is a long, beautiful, perfect June evening and I had the luxury of just sitting on the porch with my sketchbook. what bliss!

First I drew this week's challenge: a sport you love...


And then I looked around me for something else to draw and noticed the fabulous variety of leaves on the plants. God surely loves us to grace us with such a surplus of design brilliance!



Lin said...

OH HOW I LONG FOR A FREE EVENING and the light and energy to sketch!! LOVE THIS, Starr, and the wonderful composition of it all!

Tami said...

What a very cool way to do these leaf sketches, I love the shasows around the "pages" they look like plates that the leaves are mounted on. I learn so much about color blends from looking at your work, thanks for sharing!!