Friday, July 14, 2006

end of another Moleskine

A nice relaxing Friday evening after a very long week at work. I got some new watersoluable colored pencils in the mail today, so am experimenting with them here. They go on smooth, but I'd like to compare them on other papers than the Moleskine.

friday wine

a follow-up pencil drawing...


These are the art supplies I got today. I can't wait to try out the watercolor Moleskines.

art supplies

These watercolor pencils are a new thing for me. I think they can be very nice but do not necessarily shine in the Moleskine. I have other things to try them out on, so I'm looking forward to a sketching weekend.



Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL, Starr!!! I'm anxious to hear your views on the watercolor Moleskein -- I'm still holding firm to my Raffeine all media 100# paper ...!

Anonymous said...

It's always so exciting to get new art supplies! I love to order from DickBlick and can't wait to open the box when it arrives! I personally have mixed feelings about the watercolor moleskine (I have a small one)...I think I still like the sketchbook moleskine the best. Your sketches are wonderful!


Laura said...

You got some Cretacolor pencils! I do love mine, though I've been really, really enjoying the Caran d'Ache wc crayons lately! Wonderful series of sketches here.