Saturday, July 08, 2006

the windowbox

This is an entry in the garden journal today. I got this copper windowbox last year and then ordered a wrought iron frame for it to sit in. My son got it mounted for me under the front window. Already the copper has become streaked with the turquoise green of natural patina. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and it really adds a nice touch to the look of my small house.

copper windowbox


Anonymous said...

What a cute windowbox! Your blog is one of my favorite!


Lin said...

OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the windowbox (I love these additions, I really do!) -- but yoru rendering of it -- colors, flowers, brickwork -- so charming and so rich -- I just ADORE IT !!!!! (so when will you publish your garden book??? Can I preorder several copies???)

Felicity said...

Oh, I see Lin's said what I was thinking! Such wonderful illustrations, they seem to show another world of soft shimmering colours and delicate lines.

Sue said...

Starr, this is wonderful! So delicate. What did you use here? chalk pastel? a blend of photoshop and ?
Delicate, delightful, thank-you for showing us.

Christeen said...

ooooooh my gosh, this is just lovely!