Saturday, July 15, 2006

new sketchbooks

Since I finished my second Moleskine yesterday, I decided to try out some new papers and mediums today. This sketch of my DIL is in the Fabriano book. I tried the watercolor pencils, but the paper doesn't take too well to water. After it dried, I went back in with colored pencils.


Then I sketched my grandson on the next page. I meant to leave it in graphite pencil, but I kept fooling with it and added some colored pencil, too.


I got out the new watercolor paper Moleskine and really struggled with it. I wasn't very skillful with the watercolor pencils and made kind of a mess. I touched this one up with colored pencils and more watercolor pencil, but I don't have the hang of it just yet.


Finally, I tried to use regular watercolors in the WC Moleskine and again, it was rather washed out. I ended up using the colored pencils again to add depth. I guess I need more work with the watercolors before they can stand on their own...



Lin said...

OH MY!!! I am convinced you could make Kool Aid coloring look awesome ... this are stunning, Starr!!! I could lose myself in your cyclamen and echinacea! The softness of those are GLORIOUS!!!!

Linda said...

Starr -- you rock when it comes to mixing watercolor and colored pencil! I think you should keep on with this mixed media approach -- it's fantastic! And how have you finished your second Moleskine already??? -- and then there's still the third one for taillights and the fourth one for the food journal -- the word "productive" doesn't even come close!

Christeen said...

Hiya Starr- I can see from your writing that you're interested in becoming a really proficient watercolorist- but I have to say, what you do is already stellar. You know, there are illustrators who's process is to always paint something in gouche, then use pastels over it, or to do as you do, and use watercolor and colored pencil. If my goal is to communicate the rich nuances of something in my life that touches me with beauty, what does it matter how I get there, so long as I have fun along the way? I love looking at your paintings, and sketches- what a great glimpse into your world.

Laurie D said...


You are a very talented artist. I really enjoyed looking at your website.

Laurie D