Wednesday, July 19, 2006

wool socks

Well, I got way-layed a couple days ago. I had ordered some yarn and it came and I started knitting up a pair of Wool Socks. In July. When it's too hot to even sit outside! Ah well, when you get a hankering to knit, you just have to knit!

wool socks


Lin said...

HOW WONDERFUL!!! And you even got those wee stitches looking like knitted stitches!!! BRAVA!!

Kary said...

What a fantastic piece of art! I LOVE it!

Laura said...

Just a wonderful, peaceful, subtle sketch, Starr. I knit on and off, with the operative word being 'off.' However, that's beside the point--the point is that you're nuts to be knitting wool socks in July, but I gather you've already figured that out yourself ;D.