Tuesday, April 18, 2006

gettin' outdoors

I am up late again, getting the drawing in. In spite of the long work days, I can't wait to get home and draw! I didn't even eat supper! No, it was so nice outside that I came home, threw down my stuff and got my sketchbook ready. I ran outside to the porch to see what I could draw. It was the house across the street first.

And then a plant in the flower bed - the hosta that grows so well in my shady, shady yard. Oh how I wish I could be home for days and days to draw and draw and draw some more!!!


Jan said...

Love the way you fill your journal pages. You consider the whole page, text included when creating your composition. Great sketches too. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll bookmark you and come back often. Others work is so inspirational.

Sharon said...

You do just amazing work...but let me first shake my finger (LOL) at you and say EAT FIRST!!!!

Love you!

Sue said...

I love hanging out at your site. You are doing the coolest art! Is your hosta pastels?, w/c pencils? Whatever you've used they are GORGEOUS!

Lin said...

GLORIOUS GLORIOUS GLORIOUS!! From the composition to the lines to the colorso -- OH HOW I LOVE WHAT YOU CAN DRAW!!!!!