Saturday, April 29, 2006

orange hair

if you live long enough, you'll get OLD!! I have mixed feelings about that, but the fact is, we all get old if we're fortunate.

OMG, I have to accept this, don't I????

orange hair

and what color hair do I want? blue? purple? orange? none? hmmmmmmmmm.....

and here is one I just finished. I sat outside the other evening, drawing my house, and somewhere along the way it went haywire. no matter - there's always a solution. is collage the easy way out? maybe... but hey, it's my blog and i can do what i want and have fun doing it!! hahahahahaha!!! and if you squint your eyes, it really does look like my house!!


Lin said...

Even your haywire stuff is glorious!!! What a pretty home -- and the collage is incredibly done! What eye candy!

Sue said...

I would neVer have thought 'collage' how perfectly fun and descriptive of what you were presenting. LOve it big time!

Sharon said...

I think orange hair would be quite fetching on you!