Sunday, April 02, 2006

starr's Creative License

It is 2 April 2006, a beautiful spring Sunday in Ohio. And I do believe the tornadao sirens are blaring right now!! We have been having a most delicious thunderstorm for the past hour and I always enjoy them since I am no longer afraid.

And so I will type until something prompts me to move to a lower floor - I don't think it will amount to that. It so rarely does.

Meanwhile, I am a bit "under the weather" myself. This touch of flu is hanging on and making me puny. I am full of cold meds and sleepy/drowsy crap to get through the night and off to a long workday again tomorrow.

I did spend some time reading Danny Gregory's Creative License today. Absolutey fab book! Why don't we poor ordinary mortals think of these things and get them published?? My God, I've been doing this for years, and now I am a groupie again!! I give accolades to Danny, but I need to be more on the ball here!!

Off to bed now.

It is April, a most gentle month for the most part. Daffodil dreams to you all.


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SCquiltaddict said...

Love the delicate colors of the journal...been working on a quilt like this...